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Moderating at the ACTION! industry panel for aspiring actors


Hanging out with Phil Vassar after announcing for him at a performance at Hollywood Casino. 

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Emcee for 80th Anniversary Celebration for the Bradfield Community Center

MC. Master of Ceremonies. Emcee.

MC’s play a vital role when it comes to hosting corporate events, parties, and awards ceremonies. You don’t want your event to be a snooze-fest, so spice it up a little by hiring a speaking talent to keep your program exciting and keep everyone engaged.

As a Master of Ceremonies havilland will:

Keep Your Event on Track 

Add Excitement to Your Awards Banquets 

Keep Your Group Engaged

You need an MC that will keep the energy flowing during your event from start to finish. You also need someone to keep everyone “on task.”  Havilland understands that each ceremony or celebration has its own schedule to adhere to, so she can help provide a little organization to keep everyone on track, so that you can get through your event in a timely fashion.

It’s super important to make sure folks stay engaged. Havilland's personable style welcomes everyone to events, and keeps them entertained while they’re there.  

Her relaxed, yet professional style also allows her to interact with anyone in any audience, no matter the age, or background — with a smile and a dash of humor. 

As a former news anchor, Havilland completely understand the importance of getting it right with “live” events and can navigate challenges when they arise with flexibility and ease.

Contact her for your next corporate event, workshop, or conference.

Thanks so much for being our “hero” as the emcee of our annual Kids & Community breakfast. You did a great job of both keeping the program moving and the audience engaged.
— Scott Farris, Allen County Children Services