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Confident on Camera: Tips to Overcome Anxiety, Build Confidence and Be Camera Ready


Come out to the NAWBO Columbus Good to Great event on January 10, 2019 and learn how to be Confident on Camera! I’ll be giving you tips to overcome anxiety, build confidence and get camera ready!

There are so many ways to sell your products or talk about your service using video including:

- video interviews
- product demos 
- going "live" via social media platforms
- online educational course content 
- video blogs (vlogs) 

All of those require being able to use video - which means you’re standing in front of a video camera or phone and being recorded.

I want you to be able to comfortably and authentically connect with your audience. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn tips to help you overcome your fear of being on camera!

We’ll discuss:

- What to wear (wardrobe/appearance)
- Confidence boosting strategies
- How to remove anxiety before appearing on camera

It’s time to let go of those fears and work to overcome your camera shyness! Visit for details