More Clarity. More Clients.

More Confidence. 


There are 3 key things many freelancers and small business owners need in order to see business growth: clarity, guidance, and confidence. So how do you get that? Let me help you get there.


 I've created a Program to help you gain More Clarity, More Clients, and More Confidence. this program will help you overcome your fears, grow your business, and get out of your own way so that you can serve your clients. 


Working together, we can transform your current business, or mold and shape your new one. I’ll provide you with the tools, support, and encouragement you need to leave the fear behind and get more people to pay you for your service or product. 


Why work with Havilland?

" Before working with Havilland, I was very insecure about what I was doing in my business, who my customer was, and how to engage them. I now have confidence in myself and my business."

— Citicia Smith, Illustrator


I know exactly how it feels to start a new business with no clients and no idea of how it's all going to come together. I'm a creative at heart who struggled in the corporate industry trying to make myself fit into a world I didn't love. While working in corporate I was introduced to voiceover - and little did I know, that introduction would put me on a path to a whole new world. I moved from having a fun hobby to realizing that I needed to treat voiceover as a business. That meant I had to learn how to network, how to market myself, and sell myself with confidence!  As my business grew, I started to come into contact with other independent professionals...and I found that many freelancers and small business owners struggled with the same issues:  no system in place to attract consistent clients, bad habits that were holding them back from being productive, a lack of confidence, negative money mindsets, and a fear of networking. I received so many questions over the years about how to build a business, that I put together a program to help you get to the next level. 

Your success is important because I understand what it's like to be stuck in a cubicle wishing I could be doing what I loved to do. I used to hate my early morning commute, the unnecessary meetings, the corporate politics, and managers giving disapproving stares when I left the office right at 5:00 p.m. 

I want you to be able to use your gifts and talents to help others because there are people out there right now who need what you have to offer. I want you to be able to experience what it's like to run your own show -  and do it successfully. 

confident havmore

This coaching helped me think differently…

“My whole mindset has changed, and I'm thinking more positively.”

~ Eric Johnson, Financial Life Coach


Wouldn't you love to book clients consistently, and be able to let go of the fear of showing up?  It's time to take control of your business life. I don't want you running around in circles and getting nowhere! I want you to see your business thrive!


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