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caren lloyd

"The same way I coach and direct people on their fitness journeys, Havilland has been instrumental in giving me solid, quality direction, in a way specific to me. Networking was one of the main areas I needed help with. Like many, I didn't know how and didn't want to do it. With her encouragement I've stepped outside of my comfort zone and made great connections." 

citicia smith

"I was surprised to learn that [Havilland] had experienced many of the same business situations (such as fishing in the wrong pond) as I had. Knowing this made me more relaxed, and I felt I could trust her.  I would DEFINITELY recommend her service.  HavMore Business Coaching doesn't only address what you are doing in business but how you are thinking about business."



"I felt as an actor that my efforts were ineffectual and needed a serious revamp.  I was mostly just throwing stuff at the wall to see what would stick.  I knew I needed someone specialized not just in the acting industry but in starting a business in general. I [now] have a game plan, I know who I want to help, my strong-suits, my clear goals of the directors I want to audition for and more of a plan on actually getting there!  And that is largely due to Havilland's influence. What she does actually works! She starts where you are, and after a consultation, begins giving you bite-sized, achievable and surprisingly powerful strategies to actually achieve what you are setting out to do, starting with a clearer vision and expert advice. She will help you jumpstart your career, and continue goal-setting at a rate that will help you soar.


"Before working with Havilland, I was going in circles in my business.  My to-do list grew everyday.  I didn't have the guts to approach people and tell them what I do and to offer my services to them.  I had ideas about what I wanted to do but I didn't know which to do first. Nothing was getting done and I was feeling overwhelmed. After working with Havilland, a lot of my anxiety over getting things done and the what-ifs is gone.  She took the fears I had, talked them through with me, showed me that what I was afraid of really wasn't that bad.  I went from not being able to do the next thing on my to-do list to regularly crossing off items.  I was surprised to find out that once the fears were calmed and I started working on the things I wanted to accomplish, I was moving ahead!"


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