Helping freelancers & small business owners gain more clarity, attract more clients and live with more confidence!


Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking your gifts and talents and actually turning them into a business?


 If you're worried about filling your client roster there's nothing wrong with you!  It's not easy to nurture your gift and run a business. Sometimes you're so focused on perfecting your craft you can forget to actually do the things that attract clients. If you're working as an independent professional it can sometimes seem so difficult to try to grow your business by yourself, and it can often leave you feeling discouraged and stressed when you don't have someone to share your successes or concerns with.  

I’m here to help you from start to finish. I’ll help you get your business off the ground by focusing on client attractive strategies to help you serve more clients.

Then, when it’s time for you to sell your products or talk about your service on-camera, I’ve designed a camera coaching training to help you confidently and comfortably share your message via video.

Finally, when you need a professional sales video to promote your service or product, I have a dedicated team that will help you authentically connect with your audience!



Through group or 1-on-1 coaching, I’ll help you create a client attractive roadmap for your new business or mold and shape your existing one.

You’ll learn how to: create a success mindset, set your rates & create your packages, create your 30-day marketing plan, and more!

Are you tired of looking like a deer in headlights when the camera starts rolling? The on-camera coaching will help you get over your camera shyness.

You’ll get confidence boosting strategies, and learn how to remove anxiety before being filmed or going “live” on social media.

Most companies will put you on camera but won’t provide on-camera coaching to help you confidently connect with your audience.

We offer a different experience that includes: a professional promo video, makeup, wardrobe styling assistance, & on-camera coaching!