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About havilland

Havilland Maxwell is a creative business coach and on-camera personality who is on a mission to help freelancers or small business owners gain more clarity, attract more clients, and ultimately live with more confidence.

Havilland understands the desire many small business owners face wanting to turn their part-time hustle into a full-time business. In an effort to help others move from “here-and-there freelancer” to successful business owner, she created the HavMore Business coaching program.

When she’s not coaching, Havilland is a voice actor and on-camera talent who has appeared in projects for hundreds of companies across the country including Roche, IBM, Capital One, Accu-Chek, Ohio Attorney General's Office, Hollywood Casino, Apple, Prudential Financial, Nicorette, and MasterCard among others.

If you’re looking to transform your current business, or mold and shape your new one, Havilland offers group and individual coaching, and workshops to help you reach your goals. Click the link below to connect!

Fun facts: Havilland still reads "regular" books, loves llamas, and is known to drink really strong sweet tea. And she never leaves the house without one of her beloved scarfs.